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Ford X-Plan

Who is eligible?

Friends & Family A/X/Z Plan Discounts.The A & Z Plans are offered to Ford Motor Company employees, retirees, their friends, and their families to purchase discounted vehicles.

The following groups are eligible:

  • Full-time, active employees or retirees.
  • Spouses of employees.
  • Parents of employees.
  • Employee spouse’s parents.
  • Sons and daughters of employees (including in-laws and stepchildren).
  • Brothers and sisters of employees (including in-laws, half, and step).
  • Grandchildren of employees

X-Plan is offered to employees of companies who have “partnered” with Ford Motor Company in business. If your company is one of 1500 nationally who are enrolled, call us: (469) 757-4889.

If your company is not enrolled, but are interested in taking advantage of similar opportunities, you must contact us directly to register in a dealership sponsored program and acquire your Personal Identification Number.

If you’ve already signed up for the program or believe your company qualifies, you can log into your account at the AXZ program website.If you have any questions regarding your qualifications or your company’s qualification for X-Plan privileges, please contact RJ Rebolloso, General Sales Manager at Five Star Ford, (972) 961-3004.

Those eligible for the plan should contact the Ford Motor Company employee they are related to or familiar with for more information.